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The Offical Mini Se7en Racing Club

Boasting huge grids of race cars, and an excellent club membership, the Mini 7 Racing

Club is always a favourite for race commentators and spectators a like.

The race cars offer excellent performance for money, challenging many of today’s

more modern car formulas on overall pace. The Mini 7’s and Miglias are guaranteed

to give you a large amount of overtaking, due to equally matched machinery

but mainly to the rather un-aerodynamic body that always gives the car behind a

straight line advantage.

To find out the latest information on up coming races and news visit the website!!




I am Mike from UK Classic Parts. We run an online shop here in the UK where you can buy classic Mini

parts and accessories at discount prices. We also ship worldwide. I have been a Mini enthusiast since

the 1960s. I have modified, raced and built concours cars over many years. I know what is needed so

I can supply you with the very best Mini parts and accessories at the most competitive prices. Please

have a look at our online shop I can assure you that you will be very

pleasantly surprised.



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